(El Classico de Plebeyo & Elea Alante de Solana)

1997 bay filly, powerful and compact, Cory does credit to her champion sire and her Capuchino dam. Cory is quick, willing, and a performance prospect. Cory has been ridden on the trails and does well on the hills and valleys in southeastern Ohio. Cory is 14 hands.


(Amerigo WHF & Amorosa MDF)

1998 bay filly Gracefully proportioned and fleet of foot, she will make a fine impression in the show ring. Her dam was a National Fino Reserve Champion and her sire, Amerigo WHF, bred on Windy Hills, was a Reserve and 4th champion at the 1999 Nationals. In 2000, he was a Multi-National Champion in Bella Forma, Pleasure and Performance. Gloria is well gaited and trail trained. Gloria has been ridden successfully in level 1 and 2 Parelli clinics. She is 14.1 hands.